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Our air conditioning design experts are on hand to offer free advice about all of our air conditioning installation services. From residential to commercial properties, we have the experience and resources to carry out various installations, tailored to your every need. From small to industrial sized models, our air conditioning design team can modify any air conditioning unit whether it be size or style, simply call us today for more information.

Our air conditioning installers will assess your property prior to any work commencing. A free consultation is available, to book an appointment simply call us today on 0141-848-0888.



Air Conditioning Installation

VRF technology (Variable Refrigerant Flow) is suited to larger building applications. This range has been specifically designed for today’s stringent building requirements and also addresses the key issues such as energy efficiency, adaptability and reliability.

VRF is a simple and flexible solution where there’s a demand for multiple fan coils and change over capacity between heating and cooling, ensuring a constant comfortable internal climate. The ability to provide simultaneous heating and cooling can be achieved through heat recovery technology.

Our Air Conditioning Solutions


Air conditioning in the workplace, restaurants, shops, offices etc. is no longer considered an unaffordable luxury, employees and customers expect and benefit from a comfortable environment, research shows that as temperature rises performance and well being falls.

With flexible temperature control, improved unobtrusive installation and many systems qualifying for tax relief, air-conditioning brings comfort and convenience to all business requirements.

For more information on the tax relief scheme see;


Residential air conditioning installation is a modern, economic and efficient way to heat and cool your home, ensuring a comfortable environment day and night, with ultra quiet operation.

The filtration system assists the removal of irritating particles, improving air quality, helping problems such as hay fever and asthma.

With running costs reduced by up to 30% due to inverter technology and easy installation, air conditioning offers the perfect solution for any situation. In today's property market, many people find the installation of air-conditioning a unique selling point.


Computing produces heat and all to often fans and simple air conditioners do not provide the required degree of reliability and temperature control required to keep your operation running smoothly. The expensive consequences can be total IT failure and very high electricity costs.

Modern precision air-conditioning systems reliably look after your IT by regulating air humidity and therefore preventing electrostatic charge and other important IT server issues. Precision air-conditioning systems are designed to be failure-free with continuous operation over periods of many years. Our server room air-conditioning works quietly, reliably and exceptionally economically to keep your IT available at all times.

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